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  • 初中生物观察日记



    发布时间:2020-12-29 21:47


    The bell rang and the class was over. Many classmates jumped up from the seat. The classroom became noisy. Some students went out of the classroom while talking and laughing. Two girls were singing a song on their seats. Some boys were telling a joke loudly. They were laughing together. I was chatting with some classmates when Li Hong came to me. She joined us. Our class break was often full of fun and laughter. We often have a pleasant break.

    铃响了奔驰宝马电玩可下分初一日记 上地干活,下课了。许多同学从座位上跳了起来。教室里热闹起来。一些学生走出教室,有说有笑。两个女孩坐在座位上唱歌。一些男孩正在大声讲笑话。他们一起笑着。我正和几个同学聊天时老虎机水浒传规则初一日记 上地干活,李洪向我走来。她加入了我们。我们的`课间充满了乐趣和欢笑。我们经常度过愉快的课间休息。


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